§ 1392.



The subdivider shall bear the cost of moving expenses of any tenant who relocates from the building to be converted. The tenant, at his or her option, shall be reimbursed either for the actual moving expenses up to a maximum of $1,000, or for the fixed amount allowed by the moving expense schedule of the Central Relocation Services agency. In the event the unit is occupied by a subtenant under an agreement with the tenant, the moving expense reimbursement herein provided shall be shared proportionately by both parties in relation to the actual costs of moving the property of each party.


Availability for such assistance shall be limited to the 120-day period or the period of any lease extension as provided in Section 1391(a) unless a contrary agreement is reached by the subdivider and tenant; provided that tenants aged 62 years or older, or permanently disabled whose tenancy is extended pursuant to Section 1391(c), would be eligible for such assistance at such time that such tenant elects to voluntarily vacate the unit and gives due notice therefor.


Those parties who lease a unit subsequent to the date of filing the application for conversion shall not be eligible to receive assistance provided in this Section unless such an agreement is made between the subdivider and prospective tenant.



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