§ 1386.


When the City Planning Commission determines that vacancies in the project have been increased, or elderly or permanently disabled tenants displaced or discriminated against in leasing units, or evictions have occurred for the purpose of preparing the building for conversion, or if rents in the project over the previous 18 months preceding the date of filing the application have been increased substantially greater than any increase in the residential rent component of the “Bay Area Cost of Living Index, U.S. Dept. of Labor,” (except for increases reasonably related to construction of Code-required capital improvements directly related to Code enforcement, or to recoup the costs thereof), or when the City Planning Commission determines that the subdivider has knowingly submitted incorrect information (to mislead or misdirect efforts by agencies of the City and County of San Francisco in the administration of this Code), the Tentative Map shall be disapproved and the subdivider may not reapply for 18 months from the date of denial. In evaluation of the current vacancy level under this Section, the increase in rental rates for each unit over the preceding five years and the average monthly vacancy rate for the project over the preceding three years shall be considered. In the evaluation of displacement of elderly tenants any such displacements over the preceding three years, and the reasons therefor, shall be considered.


(Amended by Ord. 86-81, App. 2/20/81)


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