§ 1646.



Following approval of the Tentative Map and prior to filing of the Final Map, the Subdivider’s engineer shall submit grading and construction plans for any required Public Improvements to the Director for approval.


Improvement Plans including grading plans and an erosion control plan, as appropriate, shall be prepared under the direction of a qualified and duly licensed professional civil engineer registered in the State of California.


Improvement Plans shall conform to the Subdivision Regulations regarding format, size and contents.


Any specifications supplementing the Standard Specifications shall be considered a part of the Improvement Plans.


The Improvement Plans shall reflect the public improvement required under the infrastructure plans set forth in the Plans and Plan Documents.


The Phase 1 Infrastructure Plan may be amended or modified only by a written instrument executed by City and Agency, with the written consent of the Developer Representative, as defined in Hunters Point Shipyard Interagency Cooperation Agreement for Phase 1. The Developer Representative’s consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed.


The Mayor or his or her designee and the Director (or any successor City officer as designated by law) shall have the authority to consent to any non-material amendments or other modifications to the Phase 1 Infrastructure Plan, after consultation with the directors of any affected City Agencies. For purposes hereof, “non-material changes” shall mean any change which does not materially increase the costs or liabilities of the City, or does not materially decrease the time periods required for review or approval by any City agency of permits, approvals, agreements and entitlements in connection with the implementation of the Plan and Plan Documents.


Material amendments to the Phase 1 Infrastructure Plan that would materially alter the obligations of the City Agencies or principal benefits as provided in this Section shall require the approval of the Board of Supervisors, by resolution.


The Infrastructure Plan contained in the Disposition and Development Agreement for Candlestick Point/Hunters Point Shipyard Phase 2 (CP/HPS Infrastructure Plan) may be amended or modified from time to time consistent with the provisions of the applicable disposition and development agreement. In addition, amendments to the CP/HPS Infrastructure Plan shall be subject to the prior written approval of the City, acting by and through the Mayor or his or her designee, the Director (or any successor City officer as designated by law), and the director of any affected City Agency.


The Director shall act upon and review Improvement Plans within the time periods specified in Section 66456.2 of the SMA; provided, however, that no Improvement Plans submission shall be deemed complete for filing until the subdivider has obtained approval of the Improvement Plans pursuant to Article 31 of the Health Code. The Director shall send a copy of the Improvement Plans to the Agency for its review. The Director’s review of the Improvement Plans shall conform with the Plan and Plan Documents. This time limit may be extended by mutual agreement.


(Added by Ord. 304-04, File No. 041544, App. 12/24/2004; Ord. 209-10, File No. 100661, App. 8/3/2010)


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