§ 1347.



No construction shall commence until the improvement plans have been submitted to the City Engineer and have been approved by him.


Construction of improvements which are to be accepted by the City for maintenance shall be subject to inspection by the City Engineer.


Any work done by the subdivider prior to approval of the improvement plans, including changes thereto, or without the inspection and testing required by the City Engineer is subject to rejection. Such work shall be deemed to have been done at the risk and peril of the subdivider.


Installation of Underground Facilities. All underground facilities including sewerage and drainage facilities and excepting survey monuments installed in streets, alleys or pedestrian ways shall be constructed prior to the surfacing of such street, alley or pedestrian way. Service connections for all underground utilities and sewers shall be laid to such length as will obviate the necessity for disturbing the street, alley or pedestrian way improvements when service connections are completed to properties in the subdivision.



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