§ 1437.



Undergrounding of Utilities. All new utility lines shall be undergrounded as specified in Article 18 of the Public Works Code.


Street Trees and Landscaping. Trees planted along a public street, within the right-of-way, and all landscaping within said right-of-way shall conform to the requirements of the Plans, Plan Documents and Article 16 of the Public Works Code to the extent consistent therewith. In the case of all newly constructed subdivisions, the subdivider shall provide street trees and landscaping conforming to the policies of the General Plan. Provisions shall be made for maintenance of said trees.


Open Areas. When required pursuant to the Plans and Plan Documents, the subdivider shall provide for the landscaping of open areas and provision shall be made for the maintenance thereof. Such open areas shall be restricted to such use in accordance with the Plans and Plan Documents.


(Added by Ord. 329-98, App. 10/30/98)


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