§ 1435.



General. Public facilities listed in this Section shall (where provided) meet the design and construction standards in the Plans, Plan Documents and the Mission Bay Subdivision Regulations consistent therewith




Dedicated Public Streets. A subdivision shall have direct access to a public right-of-way. Title to a new or widened public right-of-way shall be conveyed to the City by proper deed either prior to approval of the Final Map or as provided in an improvement agreement entered into pursuant to Section 1451.


Private Streets. Easements for government facilities in private streets shall meet the requirements of Section 1439 of this Code.


Frontage Improvements. The frontage of each lot shall be improved to the geometric section specified by the Director in accordance with the Plans, Plan Documents and Mission Bay Subdivision Regulations, including street structural section, curbs, sidewalks, planting areas, driveway approaches and transitions.


Pedestrian Ways. Pedestrian ways shall be required in accordance with the Plans and Plan Documents.


Sanitary and Drainage Facilities. The subdivider shall provide sanitary and drainage facilities consistent with the Plans, Plan Documents and Mission Bay Subdivision Regulations. When connected to City facilities, such facilities will serve adequately all lots, dedicated areas and all other areas comprising the subdivision.


Fire Protection. The subdivider shall provide for the installation of fire hydrants and other appurtenances and facilities needed for adequate fire protection consistent with the Plans and Plan Documents.


Street Lighting. The subdivider shall provide street lighting facilities along all streets, alleys and pedestrian ways consistent with the Plans and Plan Documents.


Fencing. An approved fence may be required on parcels or lots within the subdivision adequate to prevent unauthorized access between the subdivided property and adjacent properties.


Other Improvements. Other improvements may be required including, but not limited to, grading, temporary fencing, signs, street lines and markings, street trees and shrubs, street furniture, landscaping, monuments, bicycle facilities, and smoke detectors, or fees in lieu of any of the foregoing, shall also be required as determined by the Director in accordance with this Code, but only to the extent consistent with the Plans, Plan Documents, the General Plan and applicable City regulations.


(Added by Ord. 329-98, App. 10/30/98)


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