§ 1629.



Whenever a subdivision conference is held, the Director shall prepare a written report on the findings or recommendations discussed in the conference, attaching thereto copies of the reports from, or comments made at the subdivision conference by, other agencies. A copy of said report shall be sent to each participant in the subdivision conference. Said report shall be prepared by the Director within five working days after the subdivision conference but in no event less than five days prior to any public hearing on the subject map.


Whenever a public hearing is required or the Director elects to hold a public hearing, the Director shall provide to the Subdivider the Director’s report or recommended findings and the findings and recommendations received from the reviewing agencies. Said information or report shall be submitted within five working days after expiration of the review time limits. Said information or report shall be made available to the public prior to the public hearing. In the event a subdivision conference is required, a public hearing shall be held after such conference, no earlier than five drays following preparation of the Director’s report thereon, and within the time periods set forth in the SMA.


(Added by Ord. 304-04, File No. 041544, App. 12/24/2004)


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