§ 1333.2.



In addition to meeting the requirements otherwise applicable to tentative maps, any subdivider applying for approval of a vesting tentative map shall also file with the Department of Public Works:


A site survey signed by a licensed surveyor or licensed engineer;


Plot plans showing: (i) the location and scale of all structures existing or to be constructed or improved within the subdivision, and (ii) the location and scale of all structures on adjoining property, including the front and rear walls of all structures;


Floor plans, elevations, sections, a parking plan and a roof plan for all structures existing or to be constructed or improved within the subdivision;


Plan showing all landscaping, tree planting, off-street parking and screening existing or to be constructed or improved within the subdivision and on adjacent public rights-of-way; and


Evidence that the proposed subdivider has obtained all of the following which will be sought or required in connection with the proposed subdivision or its design or improvements:


Zoning reclassification(s) and amendment(s), including any such action affecting the existence, boundary or restrictions of a historic or conservation district;


Amendments to the Master Plan, including any applicable institutional master plan;


Conditional use approval(s) under the City Planning Code;


Variance(s) or exception(s) under the City Planning Code;


Amendment, repeal or adoption of setback(s);


Completion of, or approval by the public entities involved of any vacation of a public street or other conveyance of public property or right-of-way which is proposed;


Issuance or final approval of any special use, any coastal zone or Bay Conservation and Development Commission permission, any certificate of appropriateness under Article 10 of the City Planning Code or any other permit, license or approval, other than a building, site, demolition or other permit under the Building Code, which is prerequisite to carrying out the subdivision or its proposed design or improvements; and


A complete application for environmental evaluation of the proposed subdivision and all development proposed on the site.


No vesting tentative map application shall be complete until all the material specified by the preceding sentence has been received by the Department of Public Works. Failure to have obtained any item required by Subsection (a)(5) of this Section prior to applying for a vesting tentative map shall be grounds for disapproval of a vesting tentative map application. Application for, or approval of, any such item affecting the subdivision; which item was not contained in the application for a vesting tentative map may be grounds to invalidate the map and to deny any subsequent permit, license or approval for the subdivision where approval of the item would substantially affect the subdivision or the conditions of its approval.


(Added by Ord. 576-85, App. 12/27/85)


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