§ 1614.



The proposed Subdivider, or any person, may appeal to the Board from a final decision of the Director approving, conditionally approving, or disapproving a Tentative Map, or a Parcel Map for which a Tentative Map is not required. Any such appeal must be filed in writing with the Clerk of the Board within 10 days of the date of the decision appealed, and must be accompanied by the fee specified in this Code.


The Director shall mail or deliver to the proposed Subdivider, and any person who owns property within 300 feet of a proposed subdivision, notice of: (1) his or her decision, and the findings in support of such decision, on any Tentative Map, or Parcel Map for which a Tentative Map is not required, and of any conditions which may have been incorporated in a conditional approval; (2) the right to appeal the Director’s decision; and (3) the availability for examination of the Director’s report.


With respect to appeals under this Section, the Board shall schedule a hearing on the appeal to be held within 30 days after the appeal has been filed, and shall give notice as provided in Sections 1613(a)(1) and 1613(a)(2), and to the persons entitled to notice of the Director’s decision under Section 1614(b).


(Added by Ord. 304-04, File No. 041544, App. 12/24/2004)


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