§ 1613.



The Director shall give notice in the following manner for each application for a Tentative Map or for a Parcel Map for which a Tentative Map is not required and an application for an exception, waiver, or deferral filed pursuant to Section 1612 if the Director elects to hold a hearing under Section 1612(f).


Notice of the Director’s receipt of an application shall be published in at least one newspaper of general circulation within the City and County of San Francisco.


Notice of the Director’s receipt of the application shall be mailed or delivered to each local agency expected to provide or approve water, sewage, streets, roads, schools, or other essential facilities or services to the project, whose ability to provide those facilities and services may be significantly affected.


Notice of the Director’s receipt of the application shall be mailed or delivered to any person who has filed a written request for notice with the Director’s office.


If the Director is required or elects to hold a public hearing with respect to an application, he or she shall give notice not less than 10 days prior to the hearing date as provided in Subsection (a) of this Section, including providing notice to any person that requested a hearing. No public hearing shall be held until after Government Agencies and City Agencies comments are received or the time period for receiving such comments has run, whichever occurs first, and the Director has provided a written report in accordance with Section 1629.


All applications for a Tentative Map, or for a Parcel Map for which a Tentative Map is not required, shall include, in addition to all other information required:


A list of the names, assessor’s lot and block numbers and mailing addresses of all those shown in the last equalized assessment roll as owning property within 300 feet of the property proposed to be subdivided.


A 300-foot radius map delineating all the properties described in Subsection (c)(1).


One set of stamped envelopes preaddressed to each of the listed property owners, suitable for mailing notice of any hearing or appeal thereon. Blank Department of Public Works envelopes will be furnished to a proposed Subdivider on request. Unused envelopes will be returned to the proposed Subdivider on request.


Any Department hearing required or permitted by this Code may, at the discretion of the Director, be held jointly with the Department of Planning. The provisions of this Section shall be superseded by those of any amendment to California Government Code Sections 65090 or 65091, or by any provision of the SMA, should the amended provisions require additional notice.


Applications for Tentative and Parcel Maps shall be processed in compliance with the Plan, Plan Document, and California Government Code Sections 65920 to 65963.1 and any applicable Government Code Section amendments.


(Added by Ord. 304-04, File No. 041544, App. 12/24/2004; Ord. 209-10, File No. 100661, App. 8/3/2010)


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