§ 1612.1.


Subdivider may file Tentative Maps and Final Maps or Parcel Maps for purposes of financing and conveyancing only (hereinafter referred to as a “Transfer Map”).


When Subdivider submits a Tentative Map or Parcel Map application for a Transfer Map, the proposed map shall have printed conspicuously on its face “FOR PURPOSES OF FINANCING AND/OR CONVEYANCING ONLY.”


Except as provided in subsection (f) below and unless otherwise required by the SMA, a Transfer Map shall not be subject to any requirement or condition for the provision of Improvement Plans, grading or construction plans, Public Improvements, or any infrastructure, as may be described in the Plan and Plan Documents, that will be provided in connection with subsequent or concurrent City permits, subdivision or parcel maps and Improvement Plans. Except as described above, an Improvement Agreement shall not be required in connection with a Transfer Map.


The Final or Parcel Map for a Transfer Map shall contain notes, restrictions, references or conditions as approved by the City, which may, among other things, prohibit development on the parcels absent compliance with the Plan and Plan Documents, and all other applicable City Regulations.


No Transfer Map may be approved without Agency approval.


Approval of a Transfer Map shall not be deemed to permit any development of, or construction on, a parcel.


Multiple Final Maps relating to an approved or conditionally approved Tentative Transfer Map may be filed prior to the expiration of the Tentative Transfer Map if the Subdivider files a notice pursuant to Section 1622(d)(1)(vi) or, after the filing of the Tentative Transfer Map, the Subdivider and Director (after consulting with the Agency) concur in the filing of multiple Final Maps. Subject to the provisions of SMA Section 66463.1 and all other applicable provisions of this Code, the Director shall grant a Certificate of Approval of Multiple Final Maps at the time the Director approves a Tentative Transfer Map so long as the Tentative Transfer Map: (1) applies only to property that is subject to a disposition and development agreement with the Agency that contains an approved phasing plan, land use plan, schedule of performance, and infrastructure plan; and (2) is consistent with such phasing plan, land use plan, schedule of performance, and infrastructure plan. The provisions of Section 1655.1 shall not apply to Tentative Transfer Maps or to multiple Final Maps that are proposed to be recorded based on Tentative Transfer Maps.


The Director may waive certain submittal requirements for Tentative Maps for a Transfer Map application in accordance with Section 1622(c) hereof.


(Added by Ord. 304-04, File No. 041544, App. 12/24/2004; Ord. 209-10, File No. 100661, App. 8/3/2010)


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