§ 1415.



Fees, payable to the Department of Public Works, shall be charged for checking and processing all maps, plans and reports, including all condominium maps and Parcel Maps, filed under this Code. Said fees shall consist of an initial payment in accordance with the estimated actual cost of checking the maps, plans and reports, together with investigations incidental thereto, and shall be paid before or at the time of filing a Tentative Map or a Parcel Map. Where initial payment is insufficient to compensate the actual cost incurred, an additional sum shall be charged to equal such actual cost. Fees for Parcel Maps, excepting condominium maps, which do not require the filing of a Tentative Map, and which do not involve street dedications or improvements, and for parcel map waivers shall be charged for checking and for processing in accordance with the City’s Subdivision Code of general applicability. All such fees for Parcel Maps shall be paid at time of filing. Fees based on the actual cost of processing shall be charged to (1) the person requesting a certificate of compliance for processing and making a determination on the request, (2) the owner of the property who files a petition for initiating reversion to acreage proceedings for processing the petition and (3) the subdivider for checking, processing and recording an amended map or certificate of correction. The fees for processing a request for a certificate of compliance, a petition for reversion to acreage and an amended map or certificate of correction, shall be determined by the Director and set forth in the Subdivision Regulations. Nonprofit organizations with tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code shall be exempt from payment of the checking and processing fees where the organization is building housing to be used exclusively for the benefit of residents who are low-income, as that term is defined in the Plans and Plan Documents.


A fee of $250 shall be charged to the appellant to defray costs of an appeal under Section 1414 of this Code.


Payment of fees charged under this Code does not waive the fee requirements of other ordinances and rules and regulations pursuant thereto.


There is hereby created a Subdivision Fund wherein all funds received under the provisions of this Section shall be deposited. All expenditures from the Fund shall be for engineering or technical investigations, services, consultants, and equipment directly related to the checking and processing of the maps, plans, reports and Parcel Map waivers filed under this Code, and all such expenditures are hereby appropriated for said purposes. The applicant, owner or subdivider, as applicable, shall be reimbursed to the extent estimated fees paid exceed actual costs. At the request of the applicant, the Director shall provide a reasonably detailed accounting of the City’s actual costs of checking and processing incurred hereunder.


(Added by Ord. 329-98, App. 10/30/98)


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