§ 1412.1.


Subdivider may file Subdivision or Parcel Maps for purposes of financing and conveyancing only (hereinafter referred to as a “Transfer Map”).


When subdivider submits a Tentative Map or Parcel Map application for a Transfer Map, the proposed map shall have printed conspicuously on its face “FOR PURPOSES OF FINANCING AND CONVEYANCING ONLY.”


A Transfer Map shall condition development of the parcels therein upon provision of all necessary infrastructure, as described in the Plans and Plan Documents, to be provided in connection with subsequent City permits, subdivision or parcel maps and improvement plans, as applicable.


The Final or Parcel Map for a Transfer Map shall contain notes, restrictions, references or conditions as approved by the City, which may, among other things, prohibit development on the parcels absent compliance with the Plans and Plan Documents, and all other applicable City regulations.


No Transfer Map may be approved without Agency approval. In addition, no Transfer Map may be approved for any parcel smaller than a numbered parcel as shown on the Land Use Plan as described in the Plan Documents, prior to approval by the Agency of the major phase for the area which includes the parcels proposed to be subdivided except for the following exceptions, as approved by the Agency: (1) subdivision or parcel maps which may be required to accommodate interim uses or development; (2) subdivision or parcel maps which may be required to transfer Advance Delivery Affordable Housing Parcels; (3) any subdivision or parcel maps which may be required for any easement parcels required to be transferred pursuant to the Amended and Restated City Land Transfer Agreement; or, (4) any other exceptions specifically reviewed by the Agency.


Approval of a Transfer Map shall not be deemed to permit any development of, or construction on, a parcel.


The Director may waive certain submittal requirements for Tentative Maps for a Transfer Map application in accordance with Section 1422(c) hereof.


(Added by Ord. 329-98, App. 10/30/98)


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